The Anxiety

Greg, the founder of Positive Vibes Only Society, was a sophomore in college living in a tiny apartment with 5 roommates. He had to undergo double hip surgery which took him away from the activities he loved – coaching wrestling, working out, running, and skiing.


The Mantra

A few months after surgery in the peak of his anxiety, Greg was helping mentor at an inner-city program.  He overheard another mentor, an older bald man, say to his unhappy, frustrated mentee, “Can I share something with you, Isiah? Go with the flow, don’t fight it, don’t flee it, it builds character.” It immediately got stuck in Greg’s head.


The Necklace

That night, when Greg was back in his dorm room attempting to study, he never wanted to forget the feeling of relief and positivity the mantra instilled in him. So, he started wearing the necklace that was stored away in the back of his desk to be the wearable reminder of his new mantra – a reminder to live positively.


The Research of Happiness

Years after Greg has fully recovered from his surgeries his curiosity led him to research what makes people happy. He discovered Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins – the molecules in your body that make you happy. You create them when you do the things you love with the people you care about.

He noticed in their molecular composition, each of the happiness molecules has a hexagonal bond. He also noticed that in his necklace, was a hexagon shape.


The New Necklace

So excited by his discovery, Greg was motivated to build a brand new necklace that would be a symbol for people to live more positive, happy lives. After months of prototyping, he was finally able to replace his old necklace with the new one, the Positive Vibes Necklace.  Immediately after putting it on, Greg had the same feeling of comfort from his old necklace transferred to his one.


The Spreading of Vibes

To help other people live more positive, happy lives, Greg started Positive Vibes Only Society. Since its creation, thousands of people around the world sport the products as wearable reminders. PVOS is proudly partnered with and has donated over $21,000 to non-profit organizations that share the same mission and values.

With your help, we can make the world a more positive, happy place.

Spread your vibes.