Positive Vibes Necklace

The Positive Vibes Necklace is a symbol of positivity. It represents the positivity molecules: Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins. Each has a hexagon bond at its core. The positivity molecules flow when you take action towards the things you love. Wear the Positive Vibes Necklace as a reminder to live positively.

Serotonin Necklace

Serotonin is the happiness molecule. It flows when you feel significant or important. Loneliness and depression are present when Serotonin is absent. The Serotonin Necklace is a wearable reminder to be happy.

“I took my necklace on its first adventure yesterday - I hiked the tallest peak in Maine. It reminded me to keep climbing and stay positive!”

American Cancer Society and Positive Vibes Only Society

We are proudly partnered with American Cancer Society.

A portion of revenue from each purchase you make will be donated to American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge.
Help cancer fighters and their loved ones. Spread your vibes.