Eczema is annoying. Plain and simple.

Do you want to get rid of your dry skin fast, easy, and with natural remedies? Essential oils can help.

While the best essential oils for eczema can offer a respite from the irritating and often painful symptoms, the bad news about eczema is that one in ten individuals will develop some form of it during their lifetime with no true cure out there to speak of.

We’re not here to leave you with the bad news, though. That’s not our style.

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Rather than hyper-focusing on your eczema symptoms and potentially damaging your sensitive skin by scraping and scratching it in such a state, it’s time to turn positive vibes into helpful action. One of our list of the 7 best essential oils for eczema, or atopic dermatitis, could very well reduce your overall inflammation and painful symptoms while hydrating and nourishing your skin in the process. 

Key Advice About Essential Oils And Eczema

While use of the top essential oils for eczema could mean the difference between being miserable and feeling fully in control of your skin condition, you’ll need to exercise caution before fully applying an essential oil to the affected areas of your skin.

Firstly, never directly apply an undiluted essential oil to your skin. Any essential oil for eczema needs to be diluted before application by a carrier oil such as almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, or sunflower oil.

In addition, you’ll want to test an unaffected area of your skin with a small amount of the diluted essential oil. Apply a dab of the essential oil to the inside of your upper arm and watch for signs of an allergic reaction which include burning, redness, and itching in the unaffected area.

Do not purchase an essential oil for eczema which is contained in a plastic bottle as chemicals from the plastic may in fact dissolve into the oil and prove harmful to your skin. Also, ensure that the essential oil you purchase is pure and has no added ingredients. Be sure to dilute the essential oil yourself as previously-diluted oils could be gummed up with all kinds of nasty things.

With all of that out of the way, it’s time for our list of the best essential oils for eczema:

Peppermint Oil

A top essential oil for eczema treatment must be one which treats intense itching as a primary concern. Peppermint oil is a true godsend for many eczema sufferers and also serves as a lovely, calming fragrance when added to a warm bath.

Peppermint Essential Oil for Eczema

Peppermint oil is extremely powerful and concentrated, so be sure to dilute it with the help of a carrier oil. While the effects of topical application have yet to be fully fleshed out, thousands of eczema sufferers swear by this essential oil for relief from painful skin irritation. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil isn’t just one of the best essential oils for eczema relief. It’s also a proven remedy for a wide swath of different skin ailments not underneath the eczema umbrella.

Tea Tree Essential Oils for Eczema

The anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil are what separate it from the pack as one of the best essential oils for eczema. While there’s no definitive answer on its overall effectiveness in battling eczema symptoms as a whole, thousands of online testimonials point to this powerful essential oil as a perfect salve for the most irritating of atopic dermatitis symptoms.

Eucalyptus Oil

The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits of eucalyptus oil have converted many skeptical eczema sufferers into true believers in its soothing properties. In addition, an added benefit to having eucalyptus oil around the house is its propensity for relieving cough symptoms for those suffering from a common cold or flu.

Eucalyptus essential oils for eczema

One word of caution – ingesting this essential oil could lead to a potentially fatal bout of eucalyptus poisoning, so keep the bottle out of reach of small children and animals.

Calendula Oil

While there’s no definitive word on how calendula oil affects eczema symptoms as a whole, testing has indicated a link between the application of calendula oil to sensitive skin and a reduction in painful itching and swelling common to eczema outbreaks.

Calendula Essential Oils for Eczema

Derived from the marigold flower, calendula oil also has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties which make it an extremely beneficial essential oil for eczema and a myriad of other uses such as healing wounds and treating diaper rash

Borage Oil

The jury’s still out on borage oil as a treatment for eczema symptoms as a whole, but the sheer amount of positive testimonials out there listing it as one of the best essential oils for eczema treatment cannot be denied.

The key to borage oil is a primary fatty acid within its constitution which our bodies can restructure into an anti-inflammatory remedy. If you’re tired of the overwhelming inflammation and itching which comes along with eczema at its worst, borage oil is worth a hard look. 

Chamomile Oil

Dry skin is a common symptom of eczema, and that’s where chamomile oil steps in to save the day. The hydrating properties of this essential oil for eczema will calm your skin at its most sensitive and perhaps your nerves in the process.

Chamomile essential oils for eczema

The scent of chamomile oil has a noted positive effect on many anxiety and depression sufferers, so you may be able to glean a dual benefit from applying this essential oil to your skin. A relaxed mind isn’t a bad side effect when dealing with the stress of an eczema outbreak. 

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has long been used to treat acne and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but it’s also a fantastic essential oil for eczema relief. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties safeguard sensitive skin while getting to the root of itching and burning symptoms.

Lavender Essential Oils for eczema

For those looking for an aesthetic benefit to this top essential oil for eczema treatment, know that lavender oil is often used as a topical treatment to lighten skin. Not only could it help to alleviate the pain of eczema, but it could also serve to reduce the unsightly redness which appears as a result.

Eczema FAQs

What is the best natural treatment for eczema?

Natural treaments for eczema include essential oils, aloe vera gel, baths, honey, apple cider vinegar, and honey.

Can eczema ever go away?

Yes, eczema can go away. You can get eczema at any age. The rash tends to flare, go away, and come back every once in a while.

How do you calm an eczema flare up?

Use a humidifier in your room when you sleep. Apply essential oils after you take a bath or shower.

Is eczema contagious?

No, eczema is not contagious. You can not pass the skin rash to someone else.

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